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Gummy Bear Glass Cup

Gummy Bear Glass Cup

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Drink like a rock star with our Gummy Bear Glass Cup! This functional drinking vessel doubles as a one-of-a-kind art piece, featuring invincible graffiti. Unleash your inner kid with this playful and quirky cup. (Note: may cause cravings for gummy bears.)

16oz glass cup. Price includes shipping.

The cup is adorned with rhinestone accents and bold colors, making it a real statement piece. And with jewelry designs from our collection featured on the cup, you can show off your love for art jewelry in a unique way. This kitschy cup is sure to make your morning coffee or tea all the more enjoyable

This glass is a must-have for any art lover or fashion-forward individual looking display their individuality. 

Perfect for gifts, birthday, parties. home decor, or just to treat yourself because YOU deserve it! :)

Each cup is HANDMADE. No two cups are identical but will be as close as possible. Actual cup received may look slightly different than the one advertised but not very noticeable. Items that are handmade won't be identical as a factory made item.  Actual colors may be different depending on the monitor setting being used. Vauje's custom art is printed on the cup using sublimation method. Image is NOT Vinyl or Epoxy. Image will not peel off.

16oz Frosted Glass Can Cold Cup

-Frosted Glass
-Bamboo Lid (includes a silicone sleeve ring that’s seals lid to prevent spilling)
-Clear Glass Bent  Reusable Straw 8x8mm 
-Cups can sweat in certain conditions

-Lid is hand painted and sealed with clear epoxy

-Rhinestones are made of glass and are hand glued one by one
-BPA Free

Care Instructions:

-Hand wash ONLY.
-Not Dishwasher safe
-Do NOT Microwave
-Do NOT freeze
-Image is not scratch resistant. Clean with non-abrasive sponge.
-Do NOT drop. Please handle with care.
-Avoid EXTREME temperatures.
-Bamboo lids should be washed my hand & dried. Do NOT let them soak.

Cups are made to order.

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