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Crowned Angel Frozen Charlotte Halo Necklace

Crowned Angel Frozen Charlotte Halo Necklace

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The history of the true Frozen Charlotte Dolls...

The Frozen Charlotte doll is also named after the ballad and was manufactured between 1850 and 1920 in Germany, Britain, and possibly other places. The dolls are solid, standing figures made of porcelain or bisque, and can range in size from under an inch to over 18 inches. They are sometimes called pillar dolls, solid chinas, or bathing babies, and most are nude, but some have paint and clothing. The dolls were popular and sold well into the 20th century, and surviving examples can be found online. They were also sometimes used as hiding places for coins or figurines in cakes, such as Mardi Gras king cakes.

This is a Handmade resin replica of the vintage doll made from the casting of an actual vintage frozen charlotte doll. Bits and pieces placed together as wearable art. 

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