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Majestic Secrecy on Canvas

Majestic Secrecy on Canvas

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She was in the outer courts of the castle. Let's face it she was a peasant. One day she decided to take a back road home. To her surprise she found a beautiful trunk in the middle of the road. In this trunk was jewels, gold, crowns, and riches. She was never afforded the chance to wear these type of adornments. The trunk ended up bring too heavy for her to move. She proceeded to stuff her bag until it was full. She had a friend that was an artist. She swore him to secrecy about her findings. She asked him to paint a portrait of her wearing all her accessories. She decided to mask her identity and put on as many pieces that she could. It was their little secret.

On canvas and ready to hang. Please allow 1-2  weeks for shipping. No refunds on artwork. 

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